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  • Tired of the heat and want to freshen up? Then get the blueberries out of the fridge!

    These berries refresh very well in such heat, and also add strength and energy.
    🍹 In addition, it is perfect for preparing refreshing strips, various milkshakes and vitamin cocktails.
    ✅ No blueberries in your fridge? No problem! Write to us and order. And we will make sure that the fresh and tasty berry reaches you faster.
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    17036, 76 Dryshby str, Chemer, Kozeletsky district, Chernihiv region, Ukraine.

    Maslennikov Vasiliy Sergeevich, tel: +38 (050) 404-64-02;

    Head Agronomist: Prima Fedir Valerievich, tel: +38 (050) 404-64-03


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