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  • Several weeks ago, the first harvest of sea buckthorn was completed at the Agrarian Company “Eco-Park”.

    🔸 This year the variety Maria began to bear fruit. In the coming seasons, Tatyana and Eva should also give their first berries. These varieties were bred by Latvian breeders and are well suited for cultivation in the Chernihiv Polesie.
    So far, the harvest is small, because the bushes are still very young and should reach their peak yield in the coming years. But next year it is planned to collect about 20-30 tons of sea buckthorn.
    Now the technologies are being worked out, the details of the collection are being studied, the appropriate adjustments are being made.
    ☑️ The total area of sea buckthorn plantations in the Eco-Park company is 22 hectares.
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