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  • Sea buckthorn is not an exotic plant for us and has been growing in Ukraine for a long time.

    But sea buckthorn teas began to gain popularity only in recent years, when they began to be sold in most cafes in our cities.
    ☕️ But to enjoy the great taste – it is not necessary to go somewhere. To warm up a cold winter day and cheer up yourself and your loved ones, we advise you to prepare sea buckthorn tea with orange.
    📍 We will need:
    🍊 Orange – 1 pc.
    🔸 Sea buckthorn – 100 gr.
    🍯 Honey – 1 tsp
    💧 Water 500 ml.
    🔹 Cinnamon – on the tip of a knife (or 1 stick).
    ❄️ If you are using frozen berries, give them time to chill. Crush the sea buckthorn with a pestle or spoon and throw it into the teapot. Also squeeze the juice from half an orange here. If you wish, you can add a little orange zest to the teapot. Add a pinch of cinnamon, pour everything with boiling water and let it brew for 10 minutes. Everything is ready! Pour tea into cups, add honey to taste and pieces of orange.
    Drink hot and enjoy! Bon Appetit!
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