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  • Oh, more than half of the summer has already passed, and you have not tried the new harvest of blueberries yet !!

    😋 They say that this year it is especially tasty! Grown under the Polesie sun in an ecologically clean region and in compliance with all technologies, our berry has very much absorbed the benefits of nature and the energy of the sun.

    In addition, it is not only perfect, but also contains a large set of vitamins and nutrients that increase immunity, improve memory, vision, positively affect thinking and cheer up.
    ✅ Don’t wait, rather order and enjoy!
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    17036, 76 Dryshby str, Chemer, Kozeletsky district, Chernihiv region, Ukraine.

    Maslennikov Vasiliy Sergeevich, tel: +38 (050) 404-64-02;

    Head Agronomist: Prima Fedir Valerievich, tel: +38 (050) 404-64-03


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