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    Sometimes in the markets among different varieties of honey you can see buckets with the inscription “sea buckthorn”. But do they really have sea buckthorn honey? In fact, sea buckthorn does not belong to honey plants and bees do not collect nectar from it (namely, they make honey from nectar). Being a self-pollinating plant, it […]

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    Exactly! After all, our hair, especially in the cold season, is daily exposed to various stress factors – cold or dry air, poor ecology, chlorinated water in pools, not always proper nutrition. “So how will blueberries help here?” – you ask. In addition to a rich set of vitamins and nutrients, this berry contains a […]

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    According to them, niche products continue to gain popularity. Consumers get used to it and start buying more often. Interest in exotic products is also growing: avocados, broccoli, asparagus have become more popular. However, the most popular are still vegetables of the “borscht set”, apples, salad vegetables, berries and melons.  If we talk about blueberries, […]

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    Quite often, there is an opinion among farmers that blueberries in natural conditions are a marsh berry, and then they should be planted where groundwater rises to the surface. Blueberries are indeed a moisture-loving plant, but will do best in moderately moist areas. But excess moisture can cause root rot. Do not like blueberries and […]

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    However, it is not often seen in gardens. Experienced gardeners recommend planting sea buckthorn away from other plants, and there is a reason for this. Everything is connected with the structural features of the sea buckthorn root system, which can grow up to 10 meters. In addition, she is a light-loving plant in the shade […]

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