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  • 🍯 Is there sea buckthorn honey?

    Sometimes in the markets among different varieties of honey you can see buckets with the inscription “sea buckthorn”. But do they really have sea buckthorn honey?
    🐝 In fact, sea buckthorn does not belong to honey plants and bees do not collect nectar from it (namely, they make honey from nectar). Being a self-pollinating plant, it does not need to attract insects to itself, and pollen from male plants to female plants is carried by the wind.
    Therefore, quite often, thick sugar syrup boiled with sea buckthorn is given out for sea buckthorn honey. It really does look like honey in color and texture. But this is only a superficial resemblance. Also, juice or extract from sea buckthorn berries can be added to honey. But even in this case, it is not sea buckthorn honey.
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