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  • Where did sea buckthorn come from?

    This bright little berry has been known to mankind since ancient times. It is considered home to Europe and Asia, where it has long grown in the most unpretentious places: on the banks of rivers, sea coasts, sand dunes and even on the slopes of mountains.

    In the ancient world, it was first used by the ancient Greeks in breeding horses to give shine to their fur. Hence its Latin name – Hippophae Rhamnoides. Subsequently, it began to be used to treat various ailments: coughs, colds, infections and inflammation. In ancient Europe and Asia, it was used to treat fever, lung diseases and even used in some diseases of the esophagus.

    📍 This is not surprising, because sea buckthorn is rich in protein, vitamins C, A, K and E. Also in its composition it contains as many as 190 useful biocompounds.

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